Friday, January 23, 2004

Anthony's Apples: Rating and review system guidelines.

From this point forward, and until this blog is inevitably shut down by the authorities, the following rating system will be used when assessing the quality of things reviewed or commented on here. Such things will include the relative "real man status" of certain individuals, movie reviews, music reviews, current events reviews, odd news story reviews, the relative hotness of certain females, and the level of interest this site finds in other blogs. This site reserves the right to rate and review anything and anyone its creators choose without liability for anyone's hurt feelings or inflated ego resulting from this site's content.

Anthony's Apples, will be given out using the following rating scale:

5 Anthony's Apples: = Superior Quality.

4 Anthony's Apples: = High Quality.

3 Anthony's Apples: = Above Average Quality.

2 Anthony's Apples: = Average Quality.

1 Anthony's Apple : = Poor Quality.

This site will also have a regular feature called Blogging For Apples in which guests will be asked to comment on various issues, or perform various tasks offline and report back to this blog to tell us and the whole world how it went. Anthony's Apples will be awarded to all who dare to Blog For Apples using the same scale above.

This rating scale and the Trademark Anthony's Apple logo, along with all other content included in this website is the sole property of this site and its creator. All rights to this site and its contents are reserved, and its contents, logos, and the name Anthony's Apple may not be used or reproduced in any medium without permission. Welcome and enjoy our blog responsibly.

(C) Copyright 2004 by Anthony's Apple. All rights reserved.

Welcome to Anthony's Apple

Ever wonder where the term Adam's Apple originated? You know, that knot every man has in his neck. Wonder no more my friends. Here at this web log you will learn many tidbits of wisdom, including that the Adam's Apple name stem's from the Garden of Eden story in the Bible's book of Genesis. As the story goes, the first man ever created, Adam, was seduced into evil by his wife Eve and Satan (in the guise of a sepent). Eve, as all other cunning women throughout history have also done since, threatened to withhold access to her own forbidden fruits if Adam would not agree to eat her apple.

Adam being the stone-cold dude he was, couldn't resist the temptation, so he held his nose and ate that damn apple for his prescious woman. God wasn't too happy when he found out about Adam performing such a freaky and sinful deed, so he decided to punish him and all of his generations of male progeny. God booted Adam and his lady friend Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and put a lump in Adam's throat that resembled an apple. All men, and only men, have that lump in our throats as a reminder of Adam's dastardly deed. Henceforth, the name Adam's Apple for that lump in your throat, dude.

In homage to that first dude and his weakness for the ladies, not unlike my own, I welcome you all to my blog Anthony's Apple. (Yes, ladies you are most welcome here too)